Glamour Photography

I started doing glamour photography in 1980. Glamour photography basically falls into two categories: professional and personal. I've shot over 500 women in my studio, and the majority have been private sessions that the client was doing just for their husband or boyfriend, or maybe just for herself. Most of those pictures were taken in a "don't let anyone see these" type of situation. Many times, the client has been so happy with the final pictures that they're proud to show them off, and sign a release. In fact, many of my best models were initially "personal session" clients, who I asked back when I needed someone for a project.

The "professional" glamour includes hiring models for calendars, posters, advertisements, etc. So far I've shot seven calendars, including the 1991 HydroFest Calendar (swimsuit), 2000 & 2001 Midwest Custom Products (animal handling equipment, with girls in skimpy outfits, of course), college calendars, pin-up calendars, and more.

These days I do more shooting for myself than for private clients. I'm constantly adding to my own portfolio, or I find a unique location that I want to shoot. I also hire models for use in pin-up related websites (nothing pornographic).

So, if you're interested in doing a test shoot, or having your pictures taken just for yourself, please contact me. Or if I gave you a business card (or you simply want more information) click here: Modeling


Slip Heaven Calendars:

Please Note: All models in these images have signed model releases for these images. All photographs shown are copyrighted and cannot be used anywhere else without permission of Coultergraphics.

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