Tim Coulter Independence, MO 816-836-8558 Why? I work as a photographic and graphic artist because I love to create things. I try to create things that will make people smile, laugh, scratch their heads and wonder, or to view things in a different way. How? I have a degree in Graphic Arts from Central Missouri State University, although the graphics department had no computers at the time (late 70s). Fortunately, the rules of design aren't confined to a computer program. I worked as a graphic artist (and/or musician) for the first five years after college, and learned almost all the aspects of the graphics field. Then I became self-employed, and learned much more. What? As you've seen on this site, I've done a large variety of projects, from album covers to recording an album. Work History CompArt (Mission, KS): paste-up artist & camera work, 1981 Sound Technician for "Bonita Shortline" rock group, 1981-1982 Led "The Razors," guitar, keyboards & vocals, 1982-1984 Released album, "The Razors: Good News!" 1984 Dynamic Resources (Independence, MO): paste-up artist, typesetter, camera and press work, 1984-1985 Drove a truck doing delivery work, 1985 Self-employed graphic artist & photographer, 1985-present



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