So you’re interested in modeling?

Yes, I'm a real photographer, and have been doing this for over 25 years. I'm also happily married with two kids, so I'm not looking for dates ­ just for new faces to photograph. Since you were interested enough to check out this page, that alone shows that you've got some of the drive it takes to model.

I'll try my best to "tell it like it is" concerning the modeling business in Kansas City. Basically, there is no "real" modeling business in K.C., unless you count the agencies that have modeling schools. However, those are set up to make money FROM you. It would be extremely hard to make a living here as a model. But. . .you CAN do some part-time modeling, make some extra money, and get a lot of great pictures (build a portfolio, give them to someone special, or just have them to enjoy). You'll also learn what your best looks are, which will help you every time you have your picture taken in the future. And, possibly, you could end up in a calendar, a newspaper or magazine ad, a poster, or even on a billboard.



Why don't you simply approach perspective models in person?

Unfortunately, a common pick-up line is, "Excuse me, but you look like a model." This, along with a basic fear of rejection, makes it difficult to approach women you don't know, even when it's about legitimate modeling. I also can't haul my portfolio around with me everywhere I go, just in case I see someone who looks photogenic. This site gives you a chance to see some of my work, read what it is that I do, and think it all through at your own pace.

I've never modeled before. Does that matter?

No. In some ways that can be an advantage. I've been shooting glamour photography for over 25 years, and I can help you with posing, what type of expressions to use, etc. So having a good attitude is more important than modeling experience. You'll never have to do anything that you feel uncomfortable doing. Anytime a model feels uncomfortable, it will show on your face, which will not make for a good photo. Plus, I want you to feel comfortable and to have fun, so that you'll want to work with me again.

What are the pictures for?

As you'll see if you check out the rest of this site, I've shot models for calendars, posters, billboards, websites, CD covers, magazine ads, and more. When someone comes to me with a project that requires a model, I prefer to have someone available that I've worked with before. (This is much easier than waiting until a project comes along, then hunting for the right model.) I "test shoot" models so that I'll have some available when needed for a project.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

No. At a test shoot, I want to see how you photograph in different types of outfits, which could include jeans & tops, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, lingerie - whatever you want to bring. But you don't even need to do lingerie shots during a test shoot. It all goes back to that "feeling comfortable" thing.

Will my pictures end up on the Internet or in a magazine?

Nothing can be done with your pictures without your written consent. Most jobs that I do have a specific purpose. When I test shoot models, I find out how they'll photograph, let them get a feel for posing, and/or to show possible models to a client for an upcoming project. I've been shooting ads for Intimate Designs (my wife's lingerie and swimwear stores), so if you're interested in posing for a newspaper ad or modeling for her stores' website, this would be a good opportunity for you. But still, your pictures will only be used if you agree to it and sign a model release.

I also shoot a lot of projects that have nothing to do with the Internet, so don't let some fear of the Internet keep you from trying out modeling.

Do you have a studio?

I currently have a studio at our old house, and we're in the process of designing and building a separate building with a studio here at our new place. Since we moved to a small farm, there's a lot of great outdoor locations here, also.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. Feel free to bring a friend, boyfriend, husband - whoever will make you feel more comfortable.

Would I get paid?

Usually your first shoot would be a trade, called TFP (Time For Prints - or a CD nowadays - your time modeling in exchange for a CD of the images from the photo session). If you photograph well, and continue to model for me, you'll be paid for your time.

I don't think I have the figure needed for modeling.

I'm not looking for anorexic stick figures. In fact, I'm not looking for any one particular body style. I'm basically looking for "girl-next-door" types in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Could posing for you lead to more modeling jobs?

Yes, but it's unlikely that you'll make big money. So don't quit your day job. There are, however, many photographers (hobbyists and full-timers) in the Midwest. Although it's more fun (for me, at least) to discover someone myself, most photographers will recommend models to other photographers. I only do this if the model wants to shoot with more photographers, and I never give out a model's phone number without their permission.

Have you ever had anything published?

Yes. I've done the photography for the HydroFest Swimsuit calendar, as well as three calendars for Central Missouri State University (now UCM). My photos and/or artwork have appeared on billboards for Wentworth Military Academy, placemats for Minsky's Pizza, CD covers for numerous artists (including solo projects by members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), DVD covers, college viewbooks, magazines. . . well, you get the idea!

Do you have any references?

If you'd like, I can give you some phone numbers for some of my other models, and you're welcome to call and ask any questions you want. But probably my best reference would be that I've been doing this for over 25 years without any complaints.

So, what would be the next step if I'm interested?

You would need to contact me. You can do this by e-mail (click here), or by telephone (816) 836-8558, after 1:00 p.m. I'll be happy to discuss any other questions you might have, and hopefully we'll soon have you scheduled and in front of the camera!


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